Our Services

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

The most recommended and in-depth service we offer is a combined Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections. It is also our most popular inspection option that will empower you with a complete overview of the properties condition, as well as inspecting the entire property and house for hundreds of potential defect and issues. We will carry out a full pest inspection in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4349. Looking for existing and past activity or Damage from Termites, Timber Borers and Fungi (Timber Rot), that can lead to expensive repairs.

As a builder Craig cannot recommend this Complete inspection enough.

New Build Pre-Handover Inspection

Once your new home is nearly completed, the builder will contact you to arrange a pre-handover building inspection. This is an opportunity to inspect your new home to make sure your builder is aware of any issues or defects that need to be rectified before you settle and receive the keys for your new home. This is the stage that you should engage a professional building inspector. A handover report will ensure you are protected from any substandard workmanship and builders that may cut corners when building your new home. Taking place prior to settlement of your new home, a handover inspection will ensure your home is up to Australian Standards and ready to move into. The report will highlight in detail any defects or imperfections in the building. We often conduct two inspections on a new building, to ensure the initial highlighted issues have been rectified to a satisfactory level. In this second inspection, it is not uncommon for new defects to be added. It is the responsibility of the builder and sub-contractors to rectify the defects on the report. Locating and understanding defects is made simple with our detailed reports. We inspect every part of your new home for peace of mind.

Having a professional inspection will NOT waive the defect maintenance period of your building contract.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Thinking of selling? We can help you achieve your property’s full potential. As a small family Building/Developer company we have prepared and sold many properties of our own and know that it only takes a few items to pop up during an inspection to put doubt into a buyer’s mind, making them cautious when it comes to bidding or making an offer.

A presale inspection will help identify issues that may affect your final sale price. Finding and rectifying any issues prior to your sale campaign can help give buyers confidence in their purchase.

Investment Properties

Investing in real estate is one of the safest investments you will ever make. However, a good investment requires diligence to ensure you don’t buy a lemon or worse a money pit.

Property investment has been our business for the last 25 years and we are happy to share our knowledge with our customers. We have experience from the period homes that needs ground up restorations to modern Town houses and everything in between.

Our Detailed Building Reports are an essential item on every smart investor’s check list.

Period Homes Inspections

Whilst Real Estate is our passion, we have always had a soft spot in our hearts for Period homes. They are timeless, beautiful and charming, but they can hide many problems that only experience can find.

Over 20 years we have specialising in ground up restorations of period homes, dealing with all the challenges they can present. We feel this knowledge and experience is invaluable when inspecting your new home.

Items Inspected

Below are some of the items included in your building inspection.