Inspection Process

Report Process Explained

Step 1: Request a Quote

Complete our online Quote Request for a personalized quote or call your building inspector Craig directly on 0409 357 238

If you are happy to proceed simply accept your emailed quote and we will start the process.

We service all of Melbourne and Geelong

Step 2: Confirm Inspection

Once you have accepted the quote, we will contact the Real Estate Agent to arrange a suitable inspection time. We understand that time is critical, so will endeavor to conduct the building inspection as soon as possible.

Clients are welcome to attend; however this is not necessary as your building inspector will call you to discuss any findings. It is quite common for potential purchasers to remain anonymous.

Step 3: Inspection/investigation

Your building inspector will conduct a thorough property inspection of all accessible areas of the site in accordance with the Australian Standards. This is where our experience comes into play. Over 20 years of hands on experience as a builder restoring and renovating homes, Craig will search every inch possible looking for hidden problems.

Step 4: Instant Feedback

At the conclusion of the building inspection your inspector will call to discuss the condition of the property. He will summarize any findings and highlight any issues or concerns noted during the inspection. The aim here is to empower you with important knowledge as soon as possible.

Step 5: Compile Report

Your building inspector will then take the time to compile and collate all of the inspection information and present it in a thorough and detailed written format. This generally takes a number of hours to complete and will be sent electronically. Most Building inspection reports will be emailed the same day, depending on the inspection time. The report will be clear and easy to understand. It will explain any areas of concern and will identify any major or minor defects, potential safety hazards, and timber pest findings (if requested), all supported with detailed photographs, along with recommendations to address each item.

Step 6: Advice

After having a chance to digest your building inspection report, we are available for further discussions and clarification of the report findings. If there are any areas of concern that you would like to discuss, we are here to offer advice and recommendations to best address these. We want you to be comfortable and empowered before making a purchase.

Items Inspected

Below are some of the items included in your building inspection.